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A Day at Izzi B | Isabella Bird Community School

Isabella Bird Community School

A Day at Izzi B

At Isabella Bird, every child engages in….

Literacy and math instruction- Experienced teachers guide students as they
grow in academic fundamentals.
Project Based Learning- Our classes use hands on learning and real world
experiences to enhance every lesson.
Physical movement– Morning movement and outside time allow students to
creatively move and learn about their bodies.
Class meeting– At Izzi B, every voice matters!

Elective classes- PE, Art, and Music
Exploratories– Students explore learning that interests them.
Student have explored everything from dog training to yoga to robotics!
Science and Social Studies: Whole child learning means focusing on every
curriculum element available to us.

Field Trips- Off-campus learning for a real world education
Special Events- School dances, Harvest Fest, All Cultures Night and many more events that
bring our community together and increase our joy!
In-school events- We bring school to life with visits from the orchestra,
local artists, Field Day, and other assemblies.

…and so much more!