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Literacy & Math | Isabella Bird Community School

Isabella Bird Community School

Literacy & Math

Literacy at Isabella Bird Community School

At IBCS, we utilize Daily 5, Wilson Fundations, Lucy Calkins Writer’s Workshop, and EL curriculum to teach literacy. The basis of our literacy lessons includes opportunities for students to:

  • Read to themselves
  • Read with a friend
  • Write
  • Spell
  • Listen to reading
  • Discuss reading

We strive to develop learners who love reading.  In each literacy component, we value choosing books that engage students at their level.  We want all our students to love books and authors and discuss reading in meaningful ways. We believe in strong vocabulary development and developing a passion for the library.
We also enhance our literacy learning with projects and unity of inquiry.  Students develop their writing skills to present to their fellow learners and engage in understanding and expressing differences in opinion.  We approach reading and writing with a holistic view that incorporates spelling, phonics, phonemic awareness and exposure to different genres.  At Isabella Bird Community School, literacy is about diversity: diverse experiences, exposure and approaches for every student.

Math at Isabella Bird Community School

At IBCS, we utilize the Common Core aligned Bridges Math Curriculum.   Two of our teachers served on the DPS adoption committee for this program during the 2015-2016 school year.  The key components of Bridges include:

  • Assessment and data
  • Math as games and projects
  • A family “home connection” resource
  • A student workbook
  • Math exploration of numbers
  • Significant math practice
  • A streamlined approach to K-5 mathematics

We also enhance our math learning with online math practice and projects.  Our teachers incorporate deep questioning and opportunities for students to serve as teachers and learners.  We seek opportunities to develop math language with conversation and discussion between students.  At Isabella Bird, math is fun, creative, engaging and challenging.