Isabella Bird Community School

Academics at Isabella Bird Community School

At IBCS, we believe in a child-centered, international approach to education. We strive to pair high quality DPS curriculum with project-based learning, inspiring events and collaborative work. Each student receives Common Core aligned math and literacy curriculum, writing support, science units and social studies learning. Using units of inquiry, we also support our students’ growth through making connections and developing projects across different subject matters.

Each day at IBCS, we incorporate international perspectives into learning. Our students conduct projects with organizations all over the globe. Students receive regular Spanish instruction that incorporates language development, reading, writing and cultural development. We also spend time in each grade level working to understand different cultures and different people.

Student interest also play a significant role in student learning. On Fridays, students engaged in exploring topics of their interest with community volunteers. Students partake in learning about yoga, art, karate, anatomy and so much more in our weekly “Exploratories”. Additionally, students’ interests are developed and incorporated in our use of our curriculum and learning.

Isabella Bird students strive to take risks, grow academically and develop their learning every single day. We use curriculum and academic supports to increase the learning of all students. We also enhance curriculum through our own development of units of inquiry, projects and the international lens we bring to education for students.