Paint colors

The Arts (Music and Visual Arts)

IBCS is committed to providing enriching and meaningful experiences in the arts to all students. As with our instructional methodologies of constructivism and concept-based learning, we consider the arts to be another means through which student mastery of core academic standards can be facilitated. Arts instruction meets the needs of the whole-child and supports each student’s multiple intelligences. The arts are integrated into core classroom instruction as they connect to the development of core academic skills and are integral components of concept-based learning. In addition, music and visual arts classes are offered to all students weekly. Each grade will also engage with community artists, musicians, or performers at the end of each year. 

Physical Education and Wellness

At IBCS we support physical literacy through the learning of sport specific skills, health related fitness components, and skill related fitness components. Another goal of our physical education program is to encourage teamwork and sportsmanship at all times. We utilize the SPARK P.E. curriculum and supplement with the OPEN PhysEd curriculum.