Multilingual Education

Diverse Student Demographics 

A key component of our school culture and mission is to serve a student population that is socio-economically, culturally, and racially diverse. IBCS will work to attract students from across the Denver community, providing them with an exceptional educational experience. Working, learning, and playing within a diverse community will better prepare students for active citizenship and participation in a global community.

MLL services 

The IBCS community is committed to providing all students with the opportunity to learn. Multilingual Language Learners are an integral part of our school. Accordingly, IBCS will provide programming that will comply with all federal, state, and district mandates regarding MLL education and re-designation of MLL students, giving particular attention to supporting the intention of the 2012 Consent Decree.

Our goal is to meet the language needs of each Multilingual Language Learner on our campus using diverse materials and methods. Sheltered instruction for MLL students, informed by the SIOP/SDAIE model, will be provided both during regular literacy instructional times as well as during ELD support times. Additionally MLL students receive English Language Development (ELD) using the DPS adopted EL Achieve English Language Development curriculum.