Isabella Bird Community School

Council Meetings

All members of the IBCS community have the right and privilege to be part of the decision-making process at Council Meetings. We strongly believe in inclusiveness and collaboration between all members of the community as the purpose of Council is to support the education of Izzi B. students, staff and faculty by fostering positive relationships.

Council Meetings are held the second Thursday of each month in the Community Room (Cafeteria) 5:30-7 p.m. and childcare is provided. A formal presentation is prepared and presented by the Council Board Co-Chair and Leadership. A vast majority of topics, often related to the function and operations of IBCS, including fundraising, social events, and the school calendar, lend themselves to rich community involvement and discussion resulting in a vote to reach concordance or total agreement in support of the outcome. Voting is open to any parent, guardian, or other adult caring for a current student, who is present at the meeting. School alumni and those living in the DPS-designated school boundaries, but without currently enrolled children at the school, are eligible to attend but may not vote. If those present at the meeting do not reach concordance, the Council Board is responsible for reaching a decision using the same concordance method. Each meeting begins with an open forum allowing participants to share information (for up to two-minutes) they think is of value to the entire community.

Agendas and recap notes can be found on the Council website (

The IBCS Council Bylaws can be found here: